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Sometimes There Are No Words

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7/30/05 12:01 am

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6/27/05 01:35 pm

its been some time... lots to do, i guess im busy with band and actually having a job... oh well. seems like all the days are turning into the same almost... band, work, people arguing or feeling sorry for themselves, sitting at home. i hate how people are assuming i just go out and am always partying... ha. nope, sorry. dont do a whole lot... sit at home quite a bit. hahaha! oh do i LOVE people! the blaming, and the hypocrycy, the "talking behind the back" (which i kind of think of as 'im too chicken shit to say it to your face... so i guess ill tell people who will tell you and then say they blew it out of proportion'! i love that one.) i could have sworn people stopped this after like 13 but i guess not, we're 15 and 16 and this shit is still happening... im glad its not directly at me. and if it was im not so sure id care.  got back from the band trip last night which kind of rocked... but didnt. the bus ride home was a LOT of fun, although i ruined my shirt :( friday nights parade sucked, oh wait so did saturdays and sundays! but sundays was a little better because despite sweating like pigs and it being humid hot and a long wait, we got second in our class... so fuck you hibbing, let me think, you didnt get anything. HAHA, but-uhhh... saturday night was the best. i love valleyfair. list of rides went somehting like: wild thing, steel venom, rip tide, rip tide, RIP CORD! (WHICH ROCKED SO HARD, ME NADS AND KIM HAD SO MUCH FUN, AHHH!) wild thing again, mouse ride, corkscrew, and the monster, me and abbs like died on it, good times. got the best piture from wild thing, me and nads are in the front like punching each other, and andrew and plesh are behind us like freaking out, and sam and abbs are like hugging or soemthing. my hotel room rocked, i shared a bed with karin and nads and abby got the other bed. the rooms this year were way better...
i wish it was nice out i wanted to go to the pit.

AH! servanthood show at the maco tonight, except i dont have money, and their full length album is released tonight too. grr i dont have $.
im kind of burnt on like my cheeks, and my scalp :( oh well!
good thing i dont like anyone, it gives me a lot more time to bitch about everything else... haha

keep rocking

6/17/05 09:28 am

And what a:b:o:u:t your >>soul,<< Is it cold?
Is it s.t.r.a.i.g.h.t from the m/o/l/d, and r-e-a-d-y to be {{sold?}}


i love oblivion. people are oblivious. flat out! look at your self. you shouldnt devote all your energy to one feeling. there are too many who obliviously devote time to their own pity, people too concerned with how others feel, the type who are completely not open minded. i really shouldn't be telling people how to act, but sometimes people need to hear it in order to realize what they are doing. you don't want to but you do. i wish that the reason why i can't define freindship is because i have that one friend who is the perfect example, and the definition is their name, but i dont know how to tell someone what friendship is because i have to second guess most of my friendships. people say ::thats growing up:: but honestly, growing up? we already try to hard to do that every day that now even "growing up" is becoming a fad, something if your cool your expected to do. maybe i am just ranting. but mostly im just saying, and no one has to listen. dont take this as complaning either.


on to normal things...  i have the mono! again! and strep, for about the 4th time. my tonsils are be coming out after this sickness cuz this is insane how often iget sick.
well im going to get my hair cut... hope all is well

6/14/05 04:05 pm

i love people who dont notice whats wrong with anyone besides themselves, but i hate how stubborn i am where i will not interupt their selfish ravings for fear of talking about myself would make me one of them, the selfish concieted ones. *sigh* maybe i already am, seeing as im plagued with so many other titles.

but anyways...

shit happens, i guess

6/8/05 03:06 pm

curveys are weehoo!Collapse )

6/3/05 01:54 pm

PICK ONE OF YOUR SCARS, HOW DID YOU GET IT? The 12 that are randomly across my left lower leg… I got ran over by a rock.

2. WHAT IS ON THE WALLS IN YOUR ROOM? Oh man.. albums, callander, poems, cowboy hats, posters, pictures…

Where's 3?!!!

4. WHAT MUSIC DO YOU LISTEN TO? Everything. I can like one song in just about every genre as alex put it. I could list forever bands and songs.

5. DO YOU KNOW WHAT TIME YOU WERE BORN? 9:30 p.m. february 20th, 1990

6. WHAT DO YOU WANT MORE THAN ANYTHING RIGHT NOW? A life. I have nothing to do right now… and it hasn’t been the luckiest day. And I want to know what the deal is with a few people too.

7. WHAT DO YOU MISS AT TIMES? When people weren’t scared to hang out. When people didn’t say who I could be friends with. When I had someone to turn to at all hours.

8. WHAT IS YOUR MOST PRIZED POSSESSION? Guitar man, my acoustic, my ducky blanket, and my coloured contacts

9. WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE SMELL? Faint smell of colonge that isn’t used by everyone (something besides like curve and lucky)


11. IF YOU DIED TOMORROW... I’d be bored. I have a lot I want to do but money and age permits it.


13. What is your favorite cologne/perfume? Uhh I use peach crap, passion berry coconut, lovespell, happy heart, this weird junk my mom has and lavendar

14. WHAT KIND OF HAIR DO YOU LIKE ON THE OPPOSITE SEX? Long. I like long shaggy not too messy but messy enough hair that has a good conditioning job.

15. WHERE CAN YOU SEE YOURSELF BEING PROPOSED TO AT? When the guy figures out my favorite place in the world and can bring me there without me knowing he knew where it was. Cuz that’s cute.

16. DO YOU LIKE PORN? “Uh. Pleads the 5th.” Hahahaha quote al

17. WHAT ARE YOUR FIVE FAVORITE MOVIES? Nightmare before christmas, blues brothers, alice in wonderland, anything audry hepburn, big fish


19. WHO IS THE LAST PERSON YOU MADE MAD? My mom. We fight all the time.

20. DO YOU SPEAK A DIFFERENT LANGUAGE? I can pick up some parts of speech… and sometimes I can disipher some parts of other languages without trying

21. WHAT WAS THE FIRST GIFT SOMEONE EVER GAVE YOU (OF THE OPPOSITE SEX ?) I think in kindergarten the only thing I really remember was like a winny the poo bubble bath set thingy. But like a boy-ish friend type thing would be… dang I cant remember.

22. WHO IS YOUR FAVORITE SINGER(s)? I adore alejandro sanz’s voice but overal, my all time favorite for the sound is probly johnny lang

23. FAVORITE BAND(s)? ahhh I don’t have time for you.

24. WHAT KIND OF BOOKS DO YOU LIKE TO READ? Something non cliché. Something that makes you think of things either in a new way or something you havent even thought of ever

25. FAVORITE DESSERT: cheesecake. Or something good. Oh better then sex cake rules.

26. HOW DO YOU LIKE YOUR COFFEE? Anything from black to cappachino’ed up.


28. WOULD YOU FALL IN LOVE KNOWING THAT THE PERSON IS LEAVING? I don’t know. I usually think to hard about things like that and freak myself out.. so I’d probly still love them but like tell myself I don’t until I get over them, which in some cases, I havent or wont.

THEY MEAN TO YOU? Surprises. And something unsuspected.



32. WHAT IS THE ONE NUMBER YOU CALL OFTEN? God I bet I’ve called anthony about a million times lately, but most often dialed is my house, or my brother.

33. WHAT ANNOYS YOU MOST? Unlogical people. Explaining things over and over. 8 people calling me while im trying to accomplish something

34. HAVE YOU EVER DONE A PRANK CALL? Oh my god when don’t I prank call.

35. WHO IS YOUR CURRENT CRUSH? Umm you know…

36: WHAT IS YOUR WORST FEAR? Ruining everything I have by one mistake. Loosing people.


38: HAVE YOU EVER SAID "I LOVE YOU" AND NOT MEAN IT? No I don’t really say I love you.

39: WHAT WERE YOU DOING BEFORE YOU FILLED THIS SURVEY: curling my hair and breathing or something.


5/17/05 09:08 pm

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5/16/05 03:40 pm

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5/8/05 12:47 pm

hello! well its sunday, mothers day.  and things arent too incredably awesome but they dont suck too bad. this weekends been alright. Friday was jsut random, going to the park and mcdonalds and whatnot. then out to devins... his friends like didnt talk until we went into this hole in devins yard that had a dead squirrel and i swear indian blood! hahaha. went home... went back out ;) haha i cant help it, hes SO CUTE! AHH!! XD   anyways. yesterday was just.. slept until 2 cuz i was out a little late ;) then erika came over and we went to grand march with preston. omg! i cant wait for prom, everyone looked really quite great. i think its the cutest ever when a tie matches a dress. im just dumb like that though. my hair colour is nice. i enjoy it. umm. then after grand march, me erika erik and ben went to prestons cuz there was NOTHING to do and it was lameo. but i had a good time, id like to like make a reality show of preston and shannon, they are too funny.
i had to go to my grandmas just now so today ive delivered my grandmoms flowers and went shopping for food with the parents. i love muffins, who couldnt? well i think im off tro the freeze or something... toodles

5/5/05 05:04 pm - confusion

well there are a lot of things i could say im confused about, theres that one thing that has to do with that one guy that i only told few about that was proclaimed a bad idea, and now this guy and i have been fighting cause neither of us is sure where things were going and i asked him about a few things and now hes mad and i dont know... theres thing i didnt tell people about so that i could deal with them on my own but suddenly its a few peoples problems! and they mske me frustrated... then theres the thing that was more serious, because its not the same cercumstances as the latter. i LOVE being around this kid! like i have to sit around and listen to how cute everyone elses boys are, yet no ones even heard the extent how cute this kid is! haha so thats the update/confusion of my "love" life as abby puts it in her LJ :P confusion elsewhere is what makes a friend more then that? a best friend? someone who never doubts in you? or you have doubt in? because every one of my friends that i look at, anyone looks at, we all find things we dont trust them in, things about their attitudes that makes us sad.. or mad? i dont know who to tell things to anymore. i dont know how i can tell who is not hiding behind enforced feelings inflicted by a significant other, or by what they heard which is wrong. i cant really understand everything right now. everything is just there but it isnt doing anything... im going bonkers. i could be insane by the time im 16. got the marching band cheduals today. yay marching. im glad im not new so that i dont have to get like a million things like pep uniforms and marching outfits and new shoes. my daddy is yelling

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